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For Media Outlets
  • Rich Media Content Delivery
  • Intergrated Ad Management
  • Content Aggregation & Branding
  • Production Support
  • Social Networking

For General Business

  • Logistical Support
  • Shared Revenue Management
  • Work Process Management
  • Electronic Data Interchange
  • Paper to Digital
  • Data Mining

For Health Care Providers

  • HIPAA 5010
  • Healthcare Logistics
  • Electronic Claims Submission
  • ICD-10 Data Mining
  • Bill Review
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Why Volunteer? Ask Steve, Chelsea, Denise, Cathy and Kadie!
"The stories are always uplifting and meaningful, and often poignant and inspirational - as is the story of why Steve Mazeau, father of Marie, who shared with us why he devotes his time to the healing power of horses," said Lynn Coakley, EQUUS Foundation President. "We are deeply grateful to Ariat International, the sponsor of the EQUUS Foundation Champions volunteer program."

During the coming week, July 8 to 12, the Kentucky Horse Park expects to experience heavier than normal traffic due to several special events scheduled to take place at the facility. In addition to two scheduled horse shows, the USMGA World Team Challenge, July 9-12, and the Champagne Run Horse Trials, July 10-12; the park will be hosting the much anticipated return of the Ichthus music festival to the Bluegrass, July 8-11, and the Traveling Vietnam Wall, July 9-12.

The Kentucky Horse Park will soon be transitioning almost 30 miles of white plank fencing to black fencing. The white fencing has been in place since the iconic facility opened in 1978. The park is making this transition due to the economic and operational realities of maintaining white fencing versus black fencing.

2018 World Equestrian Games in Bromont: Early News
The 2018 World Equestrian Games in Bromont are less then 38 months away and preparations are well under way. COJEM2018 (Comité Organisateur des Jeux Équestres Mondiaux) is the organizing committee NPO of the 2018 Games which has already been at work for more then 6 months to get the ball rolling after the tough but successful Games last year in Normandy France.

Olympic Veterans and Other Stars Set for Inaugural Split Rock Jumping Tour
Lexington, KY - May 8, 2015 - There's a new buzz in the air around Lexington, KY, "the Horse Capital of the World," as anticipation builds for the debut of the Split Rock Jumping Tour, May 22-24 at Split Rock Farm. The vision of veteran show jumper Derek Braun is about to come to fruition. Promising an "unparalleled show jumping experience" for riders, spectators, and sponsors, the Split Rock Jumping Tour plans to deliver a revolutionary sporting event.

Amberway Equine Renews Sponsorship of Young Horse Show at Spy Coast Farm
Midway, Kentucky - April 11, 2015 - Amberway Equine, a leading supplier of barn and arena products for private and professional equestrian facilities, has renewed its sponsorship of Spy Coast Farm's Young Horse Show, scheduled for May 9 in Lexington, Kentucky.

Enter Online Now for Split Rock Jumping Tour’s Inaugural Lexington International CSI 3*
Lexington, KY - March 26, 2015 - The Split Rock Jumping Tour, the new international show jumping show series held at Split Rock Farm in Lexington, Kentucky, "the Horse Capital of the World," has launched the online entry system for its inaugural FEI 3* event, The Lexington International CSI 3*, held May 22-24.

Brooke USA, World’s Largest International Equine Welfare Charity, Joins Forces with Phelps Media Group
Phelps Media Group, the nation's leading equestrian public relations company, today announced the signing of Brooke USA to their impressive roster of world-wide clients.

Canadian Pacific Ups the Ante with National Horse Show Title Sponsorship
The National Horse Show announced today a new sponsorship with Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) that brings them on board as the title sponsor of this prestigious and long running show.

Happy New Year: \^*^/2015\^*^/
Happy New Year to all horse and non-horse people a like. I hope 2015 brings you much success and joy, and for us horse people, many sunset rides.
What We Do: Improve the Bottom Line

AbitaNet® is a software technology firm that develops all forms of intelligent web and computer based solutions for small and mid-sized businesses that do not have the luxury of in-house IT R&D.  The acronym derived from our name provides the basis of what we love to develop and what we strive to accomplish.

Automated business intergrated technologies and New engineering technologies.

We provide solutions that improve how Business Gets Work Done.   

Our solutions are geared toward the Bottom Line both by improving revenue and profitability while striving to improve the long term growth of the business.

Respect is a key aspect of our business model and we strive to develop a business relationship with you as more then just a customer but as a long term partnership.

Keep it simple, though we work with complex systems our solutions are designed to be specific to a purpose and easily maintainable so as to provide the maximum benefit for the least additional overhead needed.

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North Atlantic Logistical Impacts
Hurricane Fred - North Atlantic
Updated: 11pm EDT Sun Aug 30 2015

Wind: 74 MPH | Location: 15.3N 22.5W | Movement: NW

More Information:
Tracking Map
Public Advisory
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Western Pacific Logistical Impacts
Empire Avenue
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