Our Philosophy is to take a common sense approach in using technology to improve the way business is done.  A lot of times new technology is sold as the solution in and of itself because it is new and the assumption is anything new is better then what came before it. 
We think this is a false assumption and that most new technological solutions need six months to a year of real world existence before all the bugs are worked out and the solution providers have the experience with it to implement and support it.
We follow the Agile Development Methodology where by we break larger solutions down into smaller iterations that can be implemented in shorter time frames to provide value to the business sooner.

Business Presentation

At AbitaNet® Corporation we view the idea of Business Presentation as more then skin deep.  In this age of the Internet the way a business presents itself is more then just print on a page or graphics on a website it is how all of those things come together with the processes of the business itself to get work done. A slick ad may get a new customer in the door but its how you get the work done that is going to decide the long term viability of your business.


Solution Development

The human tendency is to over complicate the solution to a problem while failing to understand the complexity of the problem.  We always use common sense to answer the question, does our solution solve the problem in the simplest form possible.  This means thinking outside the box and sometimes re-asking the question what is the real problem we are seeking a solution for, and a significant number of times you find that to be the harder part of problem solving.   The key is understanding that a problem is seldom one dimension or really one problem but is the interaction among a number of problems.